Sunday, 7 January 2007

How to Buy Diamonds Safely Online

Don't think it's safe to buy diamonds online? Think again. Nowadays internet security means that buying online is probably safer than using your credit card in a traditional shop!

Of course, there are certain steps you should take to be really confident.

Step 1: Make sure the online shop is a reliable business. How can you do this? If it's a well-known name then that's a good start. But also look for guarantees that the site offers. What policy do they have for returns? Are there testimonials from other buyers?

Step 2: Trustworthy websites have symbols that indicate only you and the vendor can see your information. When you are in the checkout process look for a padlock sign at the bottom right of your browser screen or in the address field. The web address should also begin https:// --not the usual http://. You may also see "SSL" which stands for Secure Socket Layer--another indication that your transaction is safe.

Step 3: Check for a privacy statement. This will tell you how the information you supplied will be used by the company.

Step 4: Remember that a credit card will insure you in exactly the same way as if you use it in a normal shop. You might also want to consider opening a bank account purely for online transactions. Paypal is also another way to offer increased protection.

Step 5: Do not send any payment information through email. Especially do not give your credit card number by email.

Step 6: If you have to set up an account with a vendor (a normal practice) try to avoid passwords that are easily worked out by other people--your date of birth, for example.

Step 7: If you are still unsure about buying online, check to see if the website will accept payment by other methods such as cheques.

Hope these tips encourage you to take advantage of the great bargains you can find in diamonds online!